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To give you a little background

Little Background About Myself

 I have been involved with computers, both from a programming perspective and the technical side. With experience in PC assembling, final-tester, Quality control and engineering server line since 2002 where i worked for I.M.S. Acer/IBM (The Netherlands). Over the years i continued to increase my knowledge by taking numerous technical based computer courses for most popular software packages. 

This was also the period in which I acquired a new passion in life, a passion for Graphic Design. Over the years, this passion for Graphic Design sprouted into a passion for Web Design. So I began creating websites for myself, then for friends, and eventually for clients who needed new websites or a redesign of their outdated website.

Juny Engelhart

Lead Design & Owner of
JunTech Web Solutions Aruba

Quick notes, in case you don’t feel like reading all of this: I design and build websites.

Hi. Thanks for checking out my website and design work. I’m a freelance Website & Graphic Designer with more than 5 years of experience in Web Design and SEO Services. I live and work in Aruba. My focus is on helping Small businesses in Aruba analyze and optimize their website to increase leads. View our WEB DESIGN SERVICES we offer to help websites achieve higher rankings.

I'm also a Computer Technician, with the skills and experience to deal with any computer problem you may need help with including repairs, virus removal, data transfer or backup, Windows re-installations, hardware upgrades, problem solving and much more. If you are looking for Computer Services and Support we have all the solutions you need.

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